Preserving Herbs

Frozen Cilantro and Olive OIl

I love using fresh herbs but soon (hard to believe) summer will be over and my herb garden will be spent until next spring. My cilantro plant turns to seed in the early summer as soon as the temperature rises. My basil is thriving and I love adding basil to pizzas, salads, soups, etc. and cilantro to that food dishes and Mexican food such as homemade beans.I also prefer the taste of fresh herbs to dried ones as the flavor is just not quite the same. Since my herb garden is abundant right now, I am going to get to work in making these olive oil herb ” ice cubes” before the summer is over.

I made these will a little help from some little ones and their help was much appreciated! If you have kids, I highly recommend enlisting their help with this project.

busy at work

I bought some ice cube trays (not many have these these days) and had my helpers cut the stems off freshly washed cilantro and place in the trays. Then I poured olive oil into the ice cube trays and froze for a day before removing.


My helpers made the job go quickly!

ready to freeze

 Once frozen I ran the ice cube trays under warm water from the faucet for just a few second and then they popped out easily. I placed cubes in a glass container and labeled it and popped it back into the freezer so I have cilantro ready to go for dishes this Fall and Winter. I plan on doing the same with basil from my garden.

ready for cooking