Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. We are two sisters who love to cook and share and would love to cook and share together. Unfortunately, we live in two different states (California and Texas). We created this blog to share our cooking ideas, food creations, cooking tips, recipes, family memories, everyday meals, and celebration food with each other and with you. This is one of the ways we can stay connected and cook together even if we are far apart.

Cynthia from Texas has two little kids, a husband, a dog and a great full time job as a speech-language pathologist. She and her husband are vegetarians. She cooks mainly vegetarian but not exclusively since her kids, friends, and some family are omnivores. Cynthia’s cooking philosophy is creating food for her family that is delicious, nourishing, not too complicated most of the time. Cynthia enjoys making more elaborate meals when time permits. Cynthia tries to include a grain, a green, and a bean in most meals but sometimes, her family just has pizza. Cynthia also enjoys making, sharing, and sampling delicious sweets and treats.

Lisa from California also loves to cook for her family. Her passion making delicious, homemade, from-scratch meals that are healthy and delicious. Lisa turns everyday food into something of a celebration. She frequently gets together with family and friends and they create magical moments during meals. Lisa loves to try new recipes and is an expert at adapting them and making up her own.




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  1. You gals are beautiful! I just finished your first ten posts and can already think of several recipes I’d like to try. Can’t wait for more!

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