Tortilla Soup

This soup is a crowd-pleaser. I made my version vegetarian but you could add boiled chicken and chicken broth if you like.


1 medium yellow onion chopped

3 large carrots, chopped

1-2 Tablespoons olive oil or grapeseed oil

2 cans Eden Organic Black beans (rinsed)

1 container of Pomi chopped tomatoes (26.46 oz)

1 container of Pomi strained tomatoes (26.46 oz)

1 container vegetable broth (4 cups or 32 ounces- I use the Pacific brand)

2 cups water

3-4 cloves of garlic chopped

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon ancho chili pepper (dried spice)

and/or 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (adjust accordingly to your preference for spiciness)


1 cup shredded monterrey jack cheese

warmed corn tortillas or tortilla chips

2 avocados, diced

fresh sprigs of cilantro

(cooked chicken* optional)

lime wedges


Saute onion and carrots in olive or grape seed oil for 2-3 minutes or until onions become soft and translucent. Add black beans, strained tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, broth, water, garlic, and spices. Bring to boil. Lower heat, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour.  Add additional water if soup becomes too thick.

To serve, place desired condiments in bowl, pour soup over condiments. Squeeze lime juice from wedges into soup. Enjoy!



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